Quicktrip (ePCR)

QuickTrip (ePCR)

EMS Patient Care Reporting Software


Quicktrip ePCR


QuickTrip Gold is the most user friendly, NEMSIS compliant software on the market today. QuickTrip Wireless runs on laptops and captures signatures and automatically uploads the data to the system at the base for printing and consolidation. Data is uploaded to our secure servers on an as needed basis for further validation to assure your state compliance.

QuickTrip has the abilility to turn on and off fields based on your state or your specific service requirements. We also offer a feature no other program can match. We offer Vrtd (Visual RunTime Design) that can permit programerless customization to meet your specific needs.

QuickTrip Gold is also available on our cloud version that permits access 24/7 on our secure servers and is much more friendly and powerful than browser based systems. Get the latest in technology today. QuickTrip PCR data can also import data from CAD systems (Like our CCAD software) and export data to billing systems (Like our CEMS software).